Religion is a fundamental part of Torak. The Vachschnee, the pantheon of gods, are periodically in turmoil with some of the gods verbally at each other’s throats. They maintain a healthy interest in mortals but prefer to interact through their Priests, who devote themselves to their gods forgoing any sexual relationships lest their gods strip them of their powers. Religion is such an important part of life that wars will stop on Holy Days.

Creos the Creator manifested all we know. Tearing a piece of his own heart out, he created the world and spark of life. With a piece of his soul, he created the cosmos. He tore another piece off of both to create his children who became the first gods of the Vachschnee:

Aquatus – water
Asl – fire
Astronos – air & sun
Axos – knowledge & magic
Koppoc – Time & Artifacts
Nayda – nature
Revak – unliving
Stevhana -earth
Vela – darkness.

Once Torak had been created, at the beginning of the First Age, Creos vanished leaving his creation and all which had been created by the Vachschnee behind him.

Each of the first gods brought or presided over an aspect of life including bringing into life their own children.

Asl & Stevhana gave birth to the second gods starting with : Madasa – hearth & home, followed by Aslakr – craft, and then the fraternal twins: Braaten – order & battle strategy and Revak – chaos & war.

From the union of Axos and Nayda came the Elves while a brief union of Aslakr and Madasa brought forth the Dwarves.

Revak & Vela could only manage a daughter, Mahari, born with a repulsive exterior who became known as the Mother of Monsters. It is said that from her the Saurian race was founded. In a rage over his daughter’s appearance Revak killed Asl and Stevhana. For his punishment, Creos decreed he would be forever entombed in Aislan as he wanted to command Death.

Aslakr took over his father’s influence on fire and Madasa took over her mother’s influence on the earth.

Astronos & Vela were in opposition from the moment they were born. As were the fraternal twins, Braaten & Revak, who hated each other for their differing philosophies

How does it all end you may ask?

To some the Reshaping becomes the end. There is no definitive recorded time but some say it will occur when the gods finally go to war with each other instead of working through their priests. Others say Creos will return one day, not to wake Koppoc, but destroy all he has or that which has been created.

There is an afterlife known as Ashara, a place of tranquil beauty where wishes come true. For those who spurn the gods, they end up in Revak’s realm known as Aislan for an eternity of suffering where what is craved becomes poison and there is no end to pain.

The faithfuls’ souls are weighed against their dedication to their god’s ethos. Those judged worthy then join the god of their Alignment.

What is the Reshaping?

The Reshaping is when Creos returns and alters the world. Long ago, he vanished from the pantheon and is return signals when Koppoc, the God of Time, will awaken from his sleep. At the appointed time, Creos gathers the rest of the Vachschnee allowing them to gather one item from or protect one place on Torak that they wish to have preserved to be passed on to those who survive The Reshaping.

During The Reshaping, land masses and bodies of water are shifted around. Where once before there might have been a lake, a volcano could arise in its place or a mountain might reverse itself and become the deepest depression under the ocean. Many things hidden in the earth might now appear and those on the surface could disappear beneath the surface hidden from the sky, possibly forever.


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