The Pantheon of Deities which comprises the Religion on Torak is known as the Vachschnee (vok-sh-nee).

The current list of Deities and their domains are as follows:

Aquatus – God of Water
Asrak – God of Craftsmen
Astronos – God of Sun
Axos – God of Magic & Knowledge
Braaten – God of Battle, Discipline & Strategy
Kivok – God of Chaos & War
Madasa – Goddess of Family, Healing & Hearth
Mahari – Mother of Monsters
Nayda – Goddess of Nature
Ralisa – Goddess of Beauty, Bards, Intrigue & Love
Revak – God of Death & Undead
Rudari – God of Liberation, Luck, and Travelers
Valarno – God of Mischief, Thievery & Trickery
Vela – Goddess of the Night
Yanko – God of Adventuring, Competition & Strength

Connections Within the Pantheon:

Koppoc sleeps almost all the time for when he awakens, the Reshaping occurs.

Braaten & Kivok are fraternal twin brothers who have differing philosophies on combat: honorable tactician vs dishonorable barbarian. This usually gives an idea as to whom may be following them.

Ralisa, Rudari, Valarno & Yanko are considered “newer” gods in the pantheon. While it has not ever been confirmed (at least not publicly), it has been suggested they were adventurers raised to godhood near the end of the First Age before the first known Reshaping took place.


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