House Rules

House Rules General Setting Information

Start: Standard 36 point buy

Everyone starts as a Human between the ages of 17-18 and all grew up together in the village of Essingham, in the County of MacDonald in the Nation of Yaster.

Specialties: Acrobat, Adept, Archer, Aristocrat, Artisan, Bard, Beggar, Cleric, Criminal, Cultist, Druid, Fencer, Fighter, Guardian, Mercenary, Merchant, Miner, Mystic, Peasant, Physician, Ranger, Rogue, Scholar, Shaman, Shield Bearer, Sorceror, Swindler, Tribesman, Vanguard, Warden, and Wizard.

Allowable Base Classes to start: Burglar, Captain, Courtier, Keeper, Lancer, Mage, Priest, Sage, Scout, and Soldier … From the License To Improvise forum on Crafty Games’ site: Jack of All Trades, Scoundrel, and Warlock

There will be a point at which Characters will be given the opportunity to be switched out for those who wish to not play a human, probably around 3rd level.

Combat Paralysis (Natural 1 on Initiative) — If this occurs, then a Will Save (DC 15) is made. Success indicates the Character only loses their actions for the first round of combat. Failure means you lose all your actions for the remainder of combat until someone takes a full round action to shake you out of it forcing a Resolve Check (DC 20). Success on this additional check means the Character can start taking actions in the subsequent round. This may be done every round until the Character succeeds. However, a Natural 1 on the Will Save attempt means the Character is unable to be shaken out of their state of combat paralysis.

Mapping — When delving, it is appropriate to create a map in order to find your way back to the surface. Unless someone is hired to put quill to paper in order to transcribe a map as you go, then it can be handled by having the Skill: Crafting (Inscription focus) and the Interest of Study (Cartography) or (Mapmaking)

House Rules

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