Essingham is our protagonists’ home village and is named after a warrior Essin who started the settlement over 300 years ago.

Essingham was established as a farming community originally. It is based in an area of the forest near two streams that converge into a larger river. The first settlers cleared the area of trees in an effort to make room for fields and to use the trees for their dwellings. Originally, the first settlers brought seed and some animals with them but since then it has been mainly dealt with by collecting what they can from either the forest or the fields of their crops. A few of the commoners actually raise pigs, chickens, geese or rabbits. Only one family breeds horses and they’ve had some success at doing so. The area is fairly fertile given the twin streams. A decent yearly rainfall helps with the soil when necessary. There is always a little excess crop but most of the excess is taken to the closest town in order to be sold so the hamlet can pay off the local lord.

The druids live nearby in a copse where they deal with nature on their own terms. The community of Essingham views them with some caution but will aid them if necessary. The rangers on the other hand live just outside the edge of the village and patrol the area. In return for the rangers service, they are treated fairly and are guaranteed at least one free meal each day from Nik’s an inn/tavern just outside the walls of the settlement. There is one Mage in the community who is viewed somewhat suspiciously because he deals in Arcane Magic.

Community Size: Village
Population: 473 Adults
Size: 21.59 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre): 21.90 Adults/Acre
Races: Human (473); possibly smattering of half races among the populace but they are rare

Silver Piece Limit: 200.00
Wealth: 4,730.00
Income for Lord(s)/King(s): 9.46

Imports: Cloth
Exports: Apples, Potatoes and Wool
Famous: None
Infamous: Caves

Village Council [5 people: Mayor Jamund, Constable Ethes, Head of Craftsmen Guild, the Religious Advisor for that year, and a random townsman]

Most monsters in the area are generally wilderness (forest) beasts or natural predators.

Visitors: Will allow them to spend a couple nights before suggesting they leave.
Strangers: wary or concerned
Travelers: Wishes them well when they leave, unless there are reasons not to
Merchants: Interested to see what they bring
Adventurers: Prefer they leave sooner rather than later & prefer they not bring trouble

Generally, there are 5 paths of livelihood: Soldier, become a Priest, Craftsman, Scout/Hunter, or become a Commoner: Breeder or Farmer


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