Drake Empire

Drake — The Drake Empire reigned from 2600-4214SR (Since Reshaping) before it disappeared. It is now 4464 SR and they have not raised their head again. Referred to as The Dragons.

For 1600 years, the Drake Empire reigned over Torak. They started simply enough with one small family and one man named Arsanth. The Empire established many firsts including a standardized currency, making the most well-traveled roads paved, sewers in major towns and cities, forming guilds, libraries, schools, enforcing the need for embassies between the kingdoms and a triumvirate legal system with advocates. There were also many negatives including overwhelming military force against those who stood against it, forced slave labor, and even treachery. Their sigil still strikes terror in its former enemies.

The last few Emperors of the Drake legacy were said to have squandered things but no one knows for certain what exactly happened. Some say one of them cursed the gods for allowing his father to die by an assassin’s blade. Another story tells of trying to wake up Koppoc to force the Reshaping to take place. Eventually, the last known leader of House Drake watched his children die, all future children arrive stillborn until he died from a bleeding sickness.

It is rumored that distant or far off cousins or some bastard relations may still exist. If they do, then either they do not know what their bloodline is or they do not care to make an attempt to try to ascend and revitalize the House of Drake.

Banner: The dragon’s head done in black on a gold sun with a black background has terrified others for centuries. Motto: “Discipline & Wisdom”


Drake Empire

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