In the ruins of the once mighty Drake Empire, heroes are born as people make their way across the land whether for survival or profit.

Basic Starting Plot

All the Characters will be roughly the same age and have known each other growing up. This will create the initial bond which can carry throughout the campaign.

A group of teenage human villagers making their first steps out into a much larger world as they help escort a caravan of goods from their home to the local town for Market Day.

As the annual Autumn Harvest has come, so it is also time for those of age to venture forth from their home at the village of Essingham to see if they wish to make their way in their world. Or will they return home once they have reached the closest town of Charford and sold the village’s goods at Market Day?

A small caravan consisting of 1 guide, 2 spearmen, 2 bowmen, and two carts with their drivers will set off on what will be a four day journey through Hollowvale before heading on to Charford.

House Rules

World Setting Information:

General Setting Information


Religion & Vachschnee (the pantheon)

Nations and Houses

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Recent History

Tales of Torak